Never a Noisy Pool Again! Know the Benefits of Pool Pump Covers


"Life is cool by the pool!”

But, what happens when it becomes uncool? 

What do you do when your irritating neighbor keeps on nagging about the sound your pool pump makes, disturbing her afternoon nap?

The vicious circle of self-doubt crops up when you start questioning yourself. Do I have the right pool pump covers?

Before delving further, did you know the noise from your pool pump can – 

  • Disrupt your peace of mind
  • Give you sleepless nights
  • Cause negative health effects

Quick Fact

Any standard swimming pool pump churns within the range of 65-90 decibels. This is almost as loud as riding a motorcycle. It works as a detrimental factor to outdoor pool enjoyment. Even a 10% decrease in the pool pump sound can improve the situation to a large extent. 

Pool pump enclosures are great options for controlling noise levels so as to meet the council set standard decibel of sound at 5 decibels. 

Why Does A Pool Pump Create So Much Noise?

While some pumps naturally make a lot of noise, others are designed to operate quietly! There are primarily 2 reasons on why your pool pump is making this much noise – 


Cavitation occurs when your pump does not get water fast enough or rather, it starves from water. You see, if the pump impeller starts to spin faster without adequate water, then it starts to beat air molecules out from the water. As this continues, the pump suffers because it continuously sucks in air. As a result, it turns dry and the water left in its volute boils and evaporates.
The steam rises and hits the shaft seal making it fail in its function. Moreover, the suction side fitted in the pump also starts to melt and come loose. When the pump runs for long periods, the impeller will become hot and start to rattle creating a hell lot of noise! 

 Motor Gone Haywire!

Have you ever experienced the sound of mewling cats at one place?
This is exactly what your pool pump will sound like when the motor gets upset. This happens when the motor bearing becomes feeble. Bearings are not expensive to replace but the labor that goes behind is not worth it!
So, if you have got a cranky pool pump that causes extreme noise, why not purchase durable and easy to fit pool pump covers?
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 Noise Reducing Covers and Their Credibility!

Your rescuer is none other than a pool pump noise reduction covers! You see, no pool is complete without these covers which reduce your and the pestering neighbor’s headache!

Pool pump covers have been in the market for quite some time, but there are few people who know how beneficial they can actually be!

When it comes to maintaining your pool noise without much hassle, these cover boxes make your work easy.

  • They are designed for dependability and impeccable performance.
  • The pool pump enclosures have been recognized as a great source to conduct energy efficiency.
  • These mechanisms are engineered in a way that gives effective, quiet and easy operation.
  • Additionally, they provide complete protection to your valuable pool filtering pump.

Have you ever seen water pour onto your pool pump motor during heavy rainfall or can your pool pump be seen sitting in a puddle of water?

Many of you must have a sprinkler system to spray water onto the pumping area. If you face such conditions, the chances of shorting out get higher. The pump motor must be protected for it is a large investment!

Cost-effective pool pump covers provide the best solution of keeping rain water off your motor, thereby, extending your pump’s life and efficiency.

Now, pool pump noise reduction covers must be light and easy to fit!

Because, your pool pump requires ventilation and quick access. You really do not wish to purchase a cover that is bulky and won’t even let your pool pump breathe!
Nowadays, pool pump enclosures come in a variety of dimensions fitted to match every unique pool’s specific need. If in doubt as to which model to buy, then you can contact us, saving both your time and energy!

A little bit of extra advice if you don’t mind!

  • Go for the economical and convenient pool pump covers as opposed to bulkier and unattractive ones.
  • Select those which are lightweight, high temperature resistant, durable and stand against rust, rain, snow and dirt. 

The pool pump cover boxes are usually available in different sizes and anyone can locate quality pool pump

covers either on the internet or in specialty stores.